The Money

Are you comfortable with how much
you earn presently or do you want
to make more money?

More money?

I’m sure you want to make more money than you currently make or intend to add another stream of income to the already existing stream or better still make your money work for you instead of dumping it in a bank somewhere.

Inflation strips your money

It strips your money saved in the bank of its value and that's before the banks take charges like card maintenance fees, web stamp duty, SMS charges, ATM charges and so on and so forth.

The wisest investment you can make with your money is to make it work for you

A wise man once said, "You are never truly rich until you make so much money asleep than you can spend when awake". Investment in low, moderate and high risk ventures are the biggest secret behind the wealth of Billionaires.

What is the biggest market to invest and make money in?

Foreign Exchange market also known as Forex or Fx is a global marketplace for the exchange of one currency to another …

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OmegaPro’s Founders & Management Team:

OmegaPro was founded by Mr. Andreas Szakacs from Sweden, Mr. Dilawar Singh from Germany and Mr. Mike Sims from USA. The current President is Nader Poordeljoo while the VP of Sales is a Dutch man; Paulo Tuynman. 

OMP Group

OmegaPro is a group of companies which includes OmegaPro World Limited, OmegaPro Limited, Neptune Trade Limited, OMP Exchange, OMP Foundation and OMP Money Limited which is the digital bank of OmegaPro in London, United Kingdom. 

OmegaPro has offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They also have training centers scattered all over the World in but these are operated by OmegaPro leaders in these countries.