OmegaPro Lagos Boat Cruise

OmegaPro not only offers its over 2 million members a satisfyingly comfortable life above the rigors of life’s discomforts (wait a minute, its official, we are over 2 million members in OmegaPro).

Let me rephrase, OmegaPro was founded on the grounds of serving people and uplifting them to realize the best of their abilities and potential and this offers its over 2 million members a life above the status quo.

For those around until Monday, Saturday is Salah and Monday is a public holiday, why not go on a boat cruise with OmegaPro members and non members on Sunday while in Lagos?

Expect the following:

  1. 2 hours cruising.
  2. Drinks and 2 course meal.
  3. Music, entertainment and fun games.
  4. Network with OmegaPro and non OmegaPro members.
  5. Standby photography for pictures to market the OmegaPro brand.
  6. Best of all, have fun.

Ticket price is ₦28,000 but the OMP Light team have negotiated a ₦3,000 discount for those interested.

Only 20 tickets available out of 25 tickets (others have been sold to non OmegaPro members).

Charles Nwolisa
First Bank

Below is a video of the interior of the intended boat for the boat cruise.

Deadline is 11:59am today (9th of July 2022) to enable proper arrangement of logistics.

WhatsApp/Call Charles Nwolisa: +2349094788810 for enquiries or to pay using OmegaPro Backoffice Dollars.

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