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As an OmegaPro Partner, one of the trickiest parts of dealing with prospects is explaining the OmegaPro business opportunity to them but with no suitable informational booklet for them to go through that buttresses all the points you made earlier.

As someone interested in partnering with OmegaPro to increase his/her finances, asides Zoom Calls and probably physical meetings/summits; there is hardly any physical material which breaks down the OmegaPro Business Model to relatable bits.

This 12 page OmegaPro booklet helps bridge the gap between “what was heard” and “what can be seen”.

Below is a breakdown of the contents of the booklet:

The Front page contains the OmegaPro Founders and Executives and Top Leaders in Nigeria including my humble self; Mr. Charles Nwolisa. (My profile and other leaders will be swapped with your choice by my graphic designer).

Second page shows prospects why they should consider a second stream of income and why investment is key to building wealth.

Third page explains the OmegaPro Business Model to them briefly with a profile of the Founders.

Page Four explains OmegaPro’s Education Platform including the trainers we have worked with.

Page 5 details OmegaPro’s Road Map 2018-2025.

Pages 6 briefly explains the two different packages in OmegaPo; Customer and Partner Packages.

Pages 7 reveals the 10 Trading Packages in OmegaPro.

Page 8 shows the 5 Cycle Compound Income Plan for all 10 trading packages in OmegaPro for Customers.

Page 9 uncovers reasons why one should partner with OmegaPro instead of savings.

Page 10 contains 10 Frequently Asked Questions About OmegaPro.

The Page 11 explains why your prospect can comfortably partner with OmegaPro with pictures of celebrities affiliated with the brand.

Last page (Page 12) contains the OmegaPro New Era in Global Education and a space which will be edited with your contact information.

We provide additional 4 pages (16 pages in total) that explain OmegaPro more indeptly. This 16 page version goes for ₦1,500. Below are the extra pages.

This page will contain your personal profile.

This optional page includes pictures from the Global Convention that held in Panama but can be edited to have the pictures of you and your team.

These pages breaks down the 11 different ranks in OmegaPro and their rewards.

To place an order, kindly make payment to:
Charles Nwolisa


Minimum order is 50 copies with my picture and contact information edited into the booklet and replaced with yours.

100 copies and above gets FREE delivery to any location in Nigeria.

The OMP Light watermark on some of the pictures will be removed upon printing.

After making payment, kindly contact me via +2349094788810 (WhatsApp/Call) with proof of payment and to edit your information including your personal profile and contact details and also arrange delivery.

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3 thoughts on “OmegaPro Booklets Available”

  1. Am interested anyways but all the online trading and businesses in the country now discourage one in doing any online businesses..we have seen pay #10,000 and get #30,000 in the next few minutes and so on and forth.
    Having read all the fact about omega pro above,I want to be convinced and believed it’s real as I have so many I can market and bring in people to invest more.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      OmegaPro is very different from those “get rich quick schemes” you have heard about or involved in. OmegaPro is real and its impacting lives. Join us today. Kindly reach out: +2349094788810

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