10 Frequently Asked Questions About OmegaPro.

1 – Activation Fee

OmegaPro charges a one time $99 administration fee for all account registrations.

2 – How do I see my account information?

Through the backoffice on the OmegaPro.world website using your unique username and password.

3 – Can I register more than one account or top up an account?

Yes, you are allowed to register a Customer and a Partner account at the same time and also as many accounts as you like. You can top up an account but the original account and the top up will complete their 16 months contract duration separately depending on the dates of activation.

4 – Do I need to add people to make money in OmegaPro?

With the Customer Package, you may not need to refer the business to anyone, you simply purchase a trading package and make daily trading output of up to 10% monthly and 300% in 16 months.
However, with the Partner Package, you are required to introduce people to OmegaPro and get commissions of 7% (Referral Bonus) and 10% (Network Bonus) of the package they purchase.

5 – Can I withdraw my daily trading output as a Customer?

Yes you can at anytime; if you withdraw monthly, you will only be able to make 160% capital inclusive instead of 300% capital inclusive if you had allowed it compound without withdrawing for 16 months. The 70/30 rule applies on all withdrawals.

6 – Can I cancel my contact at anytime?

Yes, but with conditions that state that only if you are yet to achieve 100% output, then you can cancel but will be surcharged 30% of your capital and 30% of your profit so far.

7 – Can you explain the 70/30 rule based on Compounding Income for Customer’s Package?

For every Customer package based on daily trading output before 16 months or full compounding after completion of the contract at 16 months; one can only withdraw 70% per time and the remaining 30% split paid every month for the next 10 months after completion of the 16 months contract tenure.

So for example, if your compounding income is $1,000. You will get a lump sum of $700 (70%) which is withdrawal immediately; the remaining $300 (30%) will be paid over the next 10 months ($30 per month for 10 months totalling $300).

8 – After the contract duration of 16 months, what next?

You can decide to walk away or purchase another license to run for another 16 months duration. This is totally optional and your decision to make.

9 – Do I need a Domiciliary Account to open an OmegaPro account?

No you don’t have to. You can simply open an account using Bitcoin/Ethereum/USDT or pay the Dollars equivalent in your local currency to whoever told you about OmegaPro (your upline) and the person will register you with the Dollars in his/her OmegaPro backoffice.

10 – How do I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw using Bitcoin or through your backoffice by peer to peer (send your Dollars to your upline and he/she sends you the equivalent in your local currency or to your Domiciliary Account).

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