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Trading Forex

Trading Forex is extremely complex and complicated when you are not an experienced, professional Forex trading expert with sound economic, finance, risk and debt management knowledge and experience coupled with the volatile and unpredictable nature of that industry. Acquiring the skills and learning trading strategies as well as their applications is entirely time consuming, expensive and very risky.

But then again, one doesn’t have to own a plane to fly from one destination to another, all he has to do is buy plane tickets and the Airline will take him to his destination.

Similarly, why learn how to trade Forex and bare all the risks in the Forex market when you can simply “hire” the services of a reliable Forex trading company to trade for you?

This is where OMEGAPRO comes in.

OmegaPro prides herself as the world’s No.1 marketing platform to navigate global financial markets and explore a bouquet of exquisitely crafted solutions to help its community achieve financial freedom.

Amongst other services, OmegaPro uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) with fully licensed and regulated traders and brokers to trade Forex and deliver consistent daily returns to her clients. Trading is done 100% hands free and this offers passive profits to investors. You do absolutely nothing. You just buy a package with OmegaPro, sit back and relax, and let OmegaPro traders with close to 20 years trading experience trade for you and share profits with you. You earn on a daily basis. OmegaPro bears the full risk. So, even in the worst market condition, you still earn minimum of 8.91% of your capital monthly.

To start making money in the Forex market with OmegaPro

Choose a trading package ranging from $100 to $50,000 (additional $49 activation fee applies on all trading packages). OmegaPro begins to trade the Forex market for you and pays you a daily trading output of a minimum of 0.405% per day, a minimum of 2.025% per week (no Forex Trading on weekends) and a minimum of 8.91% per month for a contract duration of 16 months after which you will make 300% ROI including capital. 

You can buy multiple packages.

The daily trading output can be withdrawn at any time through Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT or peer to peer (member to member).

However, it’s advisable to leverage on compound interest and let it compound for the full duration of the contract so it can get to the desired 300% ROI.

OmegaPro prides itself as a very transparent company so you can see its trading details whether a gain or a loss on 

Every registered member of OmegaPro has a back office on the company’s website where you can monitor your daily trading output.

Additional Benefits of trading the Forex market with OmegaPro:

You can decide to involve you loved ones and friends which will profit you betwen 7-10% commission off any investment license they purchase. This is totally optional (not compulsory).

You can get more benefits that includes;

  • Leadership bonus,
  • Ranking rewards,
  • All Expense paid trips abroad,
  • Free gifts like Rolex/Omega wristwatches, latest iPhones, Mac Book Pro laptops, cars, houses and cash bonuses.