OmegaPro Branded Jerseys Available

OmegaPro not only offers its over 2 million members a satisfyingly comfortable life above the rigors of life’s discomforts (wait a minute, its official, we are over 2 million members in OmegaPro).

Let me rephrase, OmegaPro was founded on the grounds of serving people and uplifting them to realize the best of their abilities and potential and this offers its over 2 million members a life above the status quo.

So what differentiates OmegaPro members from others just by looking at us? Let me give an illustration.

What differentiates a Manchester United and a Chelsea footballer on the field of play is the jerseys they wear.

What differentiates a Manchester United and a Chelsea fan is the jersey they put on.

In that vein, what differentiates an OmegaPro member and a non member even before we exchange a word is the attire (OmegaPro branded shirts, caps, car number plates etc).

Wearing an OmegaPro branded item is a form of identification, sort of a badge of honor.

What better way to market OmegaPro than wearing catchy, top quality, beautiful and recognizable football team jerseys?

UPDATE: Club team jerseys for the 2022/2023 season are now available. Choose from the available below and the team’s sponsor will be removed and replaced with OMEGAPRO.

Make payment of ₦10,000 to:

Below are a few jersey options available.

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