Difference Between OmegaPro and MBA Forex

MBA Trading and Capital Investment, popularly known as MBA Forex has come and gone but its impact still lingers.

According to the EFCC, Nigerians lost about ₦213 billion to this company with its founder, Mr. Maxwell Chizi Odum wanted and on the run.

What Nigerians lost with Ponzi schemes like MBA Forex, a legitimate trading company called OmegaPro has come to restore.

But how do both companies compare and contract?

10 differences between MBA Forex and OmegaPro.

1. Founders:

MBA Forex was founded by Mr. Maxwell Chizi Odum, an Ikwere man from Rivers State, Nigeria.

OmegaPro on the other hand is founded by three men.
Mr. Andreas Szakacs, an ex-military personnel from Sweden is the current CEO.
Mr. Dilawar Singh, an Indian born former sports trainer is the current CNO.
Mr. Mike Sims, a notable international entrepreneur from USA is the current Strategic Advisor.

2. Reputation of Founders:

3. Social Media standing of Founders:

4. Longevity:

OmegaPro and MBA Forex were both registered in 2018 and both started operations in 2019. OmegaPro has steadily grown to over 2 million registered and satisfied users/customers from over 200 countries with constant daily payout since inception.

MBA Forex crashed in December 2020 with mostly Nigerians especially Port Harcourt residents as their investors and had no standing abroad.

Abia State with 3,159 investors;
Abuja with 10,992 investors;
Lagos State with 18,990 investors;
Delta State with 10,619 investors;
Edo State with 6,170 investors;
Cross Rivers State with 2,839 investors;

Others are Enugu State with 2,560 investors;
Imo State with 7,821 investors;
Akwa Ibom State with 2,948 investors and Rivers State (Port Harcourt) with 59,289 investors.

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, investors from Rivers State (Port Harcourt) made up 43.45 per cent of the total investors in MBA Forex.

5. Minimum Investment:

The minimum deposit with MBA Forex Trading was $1,000 which was almost ₦400,000 based on Dollars to Naira exchange rate back then. MBA Forex was for major investors with big spending power.

The minimum package in OmegaPro called the Start-Up Trader Package is $100 which is comfortably below ₦100,000 based on current Dollars to Naira exchange rate affording more people the opportunity to sign up.

6. Monthly Returns:

MBA Forex promised as much as 15% monthly returns to their investors which is a bit outlandish based on the volatility of the Forex market. OmegaPro on the other hand promises minimum returns of 0.4% per day which amounts to between 8-10% minimum returns per month which is a sustainable amount.

7. Contract Duration:

MBA Forex’s minimum contract period was 6 months while OmegaPro’s contract period is 16 months. With MBA Forex, your contract can’t be cancelled till maturity whereas with OmegaPro, one can cancel their contract and take their money back based on certain terms and conditions.

8. Really Trading Forex?

MBA Forex claimed to trade the Forex Market for its investors but had no evidence to back up this claim.
There are people who got paid by MBA Trading when it was functional but not because they were trading Forex for their investors, they were just collecting money from people and giving it to others. Newer deposits are used to pay out older profits. That’s how Ponzi schemes operate. Ponzi schemes always crash in the end because they always run out of money, since the whole concept is an unsustainable scam. No real values are created, no profits are achieved, just an illegal and dirty game is played with money.

Screenshots from Forex pairs traded by OmegaPro recently and loss and profitability of the trading outcome.

9. SEC Warning:

Nigerians were warned against investing in MBA Forex by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) calling it a Ponzi scheme back in March 2020 months before the crash of the company. OmegaPro has not been condemned by SEC and is not registered with SEC because it’s not a Nigerian registered company but an International firm.

10. Public Figure Association:

MBA Forex on the other hand, never had anyone associate with them.


34 thoughts on “Difference Between OmegaPro and MBA Forex”

  1. Uwasomba Grace

    This is very interesting to read and understand. My faith and heart is strenghtende. Omegapro wil change the trading fears and narratives of people

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Yes Yes Yes. Madam Grace, OmegaPro is truly changing the narratives of people. Thank you so much for the response.

  2. Daniel Nzereonye Ikpo

    Great to note. This aliviates fear of many potential participants. I will no more shy to sprade Omega in my constituency because of my image. From South Cameroon let’s go round teaming to better individual economy.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Thank you so much Mr. Daniel. How is Southern Cameroon this morning? My regards to your family Sir. All the very best.

  3. Well, with the damage MBA has done, it’s took me 3weeks before I could invest in Omega Pro, my friends are waiting to see the outcome before they can invest.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Mr. Sunday just three weeks? It took me a year to join. My big regret was not joining sooner. Thank you so much for the comment. I appreciate you.

  4. Olaoluwa Odusanya

    Omegapro is here to change the narrative, Very sustainable payout and omegapro is here for the long haul … Cheers

  5. Barrister Mercy

    In as much as this will appear to be true it is however not the case

    PORTHARCOURT people love Ponzi schemes

    They use to tell us they don’t want to do forex business because of MBA but when IPC came with 100% in one month they rushed it like ants on sugar

    IPC was using the biggest hall in Emerald Hotel and the place will overfull with many people standing

    Since then I realised their real reason for not joining omegapro massively. They believe the return is small and they also prefer to be cashing out every now and then.

    The solution is to keep educating them about the process of genuine wealth creation

    Showing them the difference between Omegapro and other platform is also a part of the education process.

  6. Wow! Mindblowing.. this is a very insightful piece . I strongly believe that the detailed information provided here will help build the confidence of customers and prospects in Omegapro.. kudos for a job well done sir !

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  11. Omegapro is beyond what people think it is. My own view is, people don’t know yet, and, I pray they won’t tarry much longer, because, the more you say no to an opportunity like Omegapro, the more you delay when you ought to share a success story. As for MBA, it was obvious from the inception that, the business just wanted to do copy copy and scam people and, the result today is seen, it just pains me for those that were hit big time.
    My advice, Get Omegapronized now.

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