Difference Between OmegaPro and MMM

The thought of Mavrodi Mundial Movement, better known by the name MMM still gives many Nigerians negative chills but even over 6 years after its demise, its shadow still looms large in the mentality of the local populace.

The mere mention of any online investment opportunity will come with the “are you sure it’s not another MMM?” remark.

The fear is palpable and understandably so.

MMM has come and gone and has left in its wake, doubt, fear and apprehension towards online trading platforms.

Up steps the game changer; OmegaPro.

So how do they both compare and contract?

10 differences between OmegaPro and MMM

1. Mode of Operation:

New members were recruited into the scheme with the promise of 30% monthly return on their investment and higher returns when they offer to assist members that ask for financial assistance.

A member is required to make payments directly into the bank account of another member. When this is successfully done, the payer is qualified to receive three times what he or she paid from someone else.

OmegaPro trades with your investment and pays you 300% ROI (Return on Investment plus capital) in 16 months (0.4% daily minimum and about 10% monthly). OmegaPro is not a Ponzi scheme. You don’t have to refer anyone or have any contact with anyone to earn in OmegaPro.

2. Value Creation:

MMM was built around a scheme with absolutely no value (profit) creation and thus the 30% interest being paid to contributors was purely built on nothing. They were just collecting money from people and giving it to others. Newer deposits are used to pay out older profits. That’s how Ponzi schemes operate. Ponzi schemes always crash in the end because they always run out of money, since the whole concept is an unsustainable scam. No real values are created, no profits are achieved, just an illegal and dirty game is played with money.

Screenshots from Forex pairs traded by OmegaPro recently and loss and profitability of the trading outcome.

3. Long Term Goals:

MMM had no long term goals and I believe lasted longer than they had envisioned before crashing.

OmegaPro on the other hand is a vision oriented company with a 5 year plan every 5 years.

In 2019, OmegaPro opened publicly, underwent market opening and development in Latin America, Africa and India.

In 2020, the company underwent market opening and development in Europe and Asia and becomes an institutional trading company in the sane year.

In 2021, OMP Money Bank and OMP Crypto-Exchange were launched.

In 2022, launching of a New Financial Product related to: Real estate, Loans and Smart contracts and Regulated Hedge Fund.

In 2023, the company is preparing for listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

4. Founders:

Sergei Mavrodi is a Russian criminal imprisoned and convicted in Russia on charges of financial fraud.

OmegaPro on the other hand is founded by three men.
Mr. Andreas Szakacs, an ex-military personnel from Sweden is the current CEO.
Mr. Dilawar Singh, an Indian born former sports trainer is the current CNO.
Mr. Mike Sims, a notable international entrepreneur from USA is the current Strategic Advisor.

5. Reputation of Founders:

6. Social Media standing of Founders:

What did a career criminal like Sergei Mavrodi have to do with social media.

The CEO and CFO of OmegaPro are both verified on Instagram. In Instagram’s words, getting verified means that the platform has confirmed your profile as “the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.” They also have a combined following of over 5.8 million on the social media platform. Click HERE and HERE to follow them on Instagram.

7. Company Structure and Addresses:

MMM had no structure or a traceable address.

OmegaPro is the very first trading company to own a digital bank in London and in partnership with MasterCard. (www.ompmoney.com)

OmegaPro is a group of companies which also includes; Omega World Limited, OmegaPro Limited, Neptune Trade Limited and OMP Exchange.

OmegaPro has offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

8. Longevity:

OmegaPro was registered in 2018 and started operations in 2019 and has steadily grown to almost 2 million registered and satisfied users/customers from over 170 countries with constant daily payout since inception whereas MMM barely lasted a year in Nigeria.

9. SEC Warning

On the 30th of August, 2016, The Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria (“SEC”) put out a statement warning Nigerians against investing in MMM. The SEC, on its website, disclosed that the system was a Ponzi scheme, alleging that the facilitators were online fraudsters who promise high rates of return with little risk to investors.

OmegaPro has not been condemned by SEC and is not registered with SEC because it’s not a Nigerian registered company but an International firm.

10. Public Figure Association:


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