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OmegaPro is a multi-industry company with close to four years of empowering over 2.7 million people in more than 190 counties worldwide to experience amazing financial possibilities through training and profit sharing benefits.

The company’s mission to provide the best educational services for the community by offering exclusive business coaching from leading global trainers and life changing experiences to improve personal development, wealth creation and achieve financial freedom.

To start earning passive income with OmegaPro.


As a Customer with OmegaPro, you receive sound financial literacy through training and achieve financial freedom by sharing the potential profits from the various business activities of the company with respect to the purchased package; minimum of 0.4% of your capital daily which amounts to about 10% monthly and 300% in 16 months.

Choose any of the trading packages as a Customer below and included is the financial returns from each package:

Multiple packages can be purchased.

As a Customer, you also benefit from the Affiliate Program where you receive 7% Direct Sales for recommending the OmegaPro Business Model. For example, a colleague/friend/family purchases the $1,000 package, you get $70.

If you decide to partner with OmegaPro, you receive live masterclasses, exclusive webinars, live coaching sessions with legendary trainers, unique live experiences and you receive between 7% (Direct Sales) and 10% (Network Bonus) commission on any license people you refer the OmegaPro Business Model purchases.

After making the choice to either join OmegaPro as a Customer or a Partner, then you can choose any of the trading packages below (multiple trading packages are allowed).

As a Partner with OmegaPro, you can get more benefits that includes;

• Ranks and Rewards.

Other benefits include;
• Ranks and Rewards
• Leadership bonus.
• All Expense paid trips abroad.
• Free gifts like latest iPhones, laptops, luxury cars, houses and cash bonuses.

Why you should partner with OmegaPro instead of saving your money in the bank:

Naira is constantly being devalued. As at August 2022, the black market rate was ₦700/$ while inflation rate in Nigeria is presently 20.52% according to The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) which means a continuous rise in prices of goods and basic commodities. Whereas the highest interest on deposit in a Savings Account in any Nigerian bank is 4.2% per year.

This means the rising Dollar rates and cost of prices of goods in the market coupled with the low interest rate of bank deposits, we are actually loosing money saved in the bank. Investments is the only way to beat inflation over the long term.

15 Reasons You Can Trust OmegaPro With Your Money

  1. OMEGAPRO was established in 2018 but commenced operations in 2019 and has steadily grown to over 2.5 million registered and satisfied users/customers from over 200 countries worldwide.

2. OmegaPro is a group of companies which also includes; Omega World Limited, OmegaPro Limited, Neptune Trade Limited and OMP Exchange. OmegaPro has offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

4. OMEGAPRO through its bank is in partnership with MasterCard, a reputable multi-billion dollars service provider in the banking industry to provide its clients/customers with ATM cards.

5. OmegaPro has international roots with its Founders comprising of:

Co-Founder/CEO – Mr Andreas Szakacs (Sweden).

Co-Founder/Operations – Dilawar Singh (Germany).

Co-Founder /Strategic Advisor – Mike Sims (USA).

Get set for a transformation of your financial fortunes.

For More Information:

Join us on Zoom everyday by 7pm (UK and Nigerian time) to learn more about OmegaPro.

74 thoughts on “OmegaPro in a Jiffy”

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Bombastic Mendoza. They don’t need to be told. He who has ears, let him hear. Thank you Ifunanya for your comment. Very much appreciated.

  1. Wao!!!! Quite interesting to know and learn more about this amazing company called OMEGAPRO. They have consistently impact lives across the globe and I recommend her any day.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Thank you so much Abywealth for your comment. OmegaPro is genuinely impacting lives across the globe. Thanks again for the thoughtful comment.

  2. This brief is supper brief with lots of relevant information to help prospects make inform financial decisions. BRAVO!!!

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Mr. Uche. That’s a question for the gods. Anyone with a better, more reliable and more sustainable, more stress free solution to financial freedom in this day and age should speak up now or forever hold their Thank you Sir for the comment. Very much appreciated.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Even God told David to pursue, overtake and recover all in 1 Samuel 30:8. Now God is telling us in OmegaPro 20:22 that we should invest in OmegaPro and we would overtake and recover all the money we lost in time past to those phony investment platforms. Thank you so much for your comment Maureen. Very much appreciated.

  3. Eden Johnson Tajinere

    I’m a member, but this gave me more insight both to me and those I will lt to be introduced to.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Oh wow. It is great to meet you fellow OmegaPro member; Johnson. I am super excited that this gave you more insight and would help with your prospecting. Thank you very much for taking out time to comment on the post. I appreciate you sincerely.

  4. Omegapro to the moon
    I love to be a part of this Blessing
    I am Heidi from Norway, i am a singel mum and i joined Omegapro in 2020 myself, because i wanted to have more Freedom to be with my daughter , and to build up our financial Freedom . And when i realized how amazing this opportunity are for all, then my passion now is to Help more people around the globe to Get their financial Freedom .

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Hi Heidi, I am glad to hear how OmegaPro is transforming your life and that of your daughter. I hope to hear more from you in the future and maybe we could discuss football and how proud you are of Erling Haaland’s exploits or maybe not if football isn’t your Thanks for the comment and my regards to your daughter.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Exactly Mr. Austin. OmegaPro comes 100% handsfree and with peace. Thank you so much for your comment.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Such a thoughtful comment. Thank you so much Chinonso. I appreciate your comment. And yes, I am also blessed and privileged to be part of this awesome company. Higher we go.

  5. Omegapro is the most desired Partner in changing and impacting lives globally.

    I’m very glad that l’m part of the family. Omegapro! Impacting Lives!!

    May God continually bless our Founders for this actualized dream and grant all of us the wisdom and Grace to carry on with this generational wealth in Omegapro family in Jesus Name.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Amen to your prayers for Andreas, Dilawar and Mike. Amen also for the grace and wisdom to carry on with generational wealth in OmegaPro family. More money to your account Ma. Thanks for the comment. Very much appreciated.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      The best and most reliable. You invest and have peace of mind. Thank you so much for the comment. Very much appreciated.

  6. Omegapro is a great Partner that is changing & impacting lives globally.
    I encourage anybody who has not purchased a license to do so and witness the touch of difference from all that you’ve ever known in the Digital Space.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Hi Tonia, you have said it all. OmegaPro is indeed changing and genuinely impacting lives globally. Thanks for dropping a comment. Very much appreciated.

  7. Omegapro is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to financial freedom.

    Omegapro to the world 🌎

  8. Valeriano Coutinho

    I am a member, I invested $ 1000,
    If I want to invest more,
    Have I to pay more service charges?

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Hi Valeriano, thanks for dropping a comment. To invest more, you would have to pay the activation charge of $49 for every new license. Please reach out to the person who registered you at first or you can reach me on WhatsApp: +2349094788810 so I can help register you under your old account.

    2. Yes, what upgrading you pay the additional$49. E.g upgrading by $1000, you have to add $49 to make it $1049

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Thanks for the comment John. Indeed OmegaPro is impacting lives. Where are you connecting from John?

  9. Kudos To Who Came Up With This Short And Detailed Summary About OmegaPro And Her Achievements, You’ve Done Well Be Putting This Out.
    I’m Super Proud To Be Part Of This Global Life Changing Opportunity ✅. OmegaPro Número Uno

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Thank you so much Psmart. You are well appreciated. OmegaPro to the Worlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld.

  10. Obike Promise Ebere

    Could you please throw more lights on leadership bonus, ranks and rewards.

    I’m a registered member though

  11. Tony Martins Uzor

    If there had ever been any sincere attempt by anybody or group of individuals in the past to genuinely pull people across the globe out of poverty in the past, OmegaPro is it, and it remains unbeatable.
    My wife and I have keyed in and have made ourselves announcers of OmegaPro anywhere and everywhere!

  12. The good thing about this company OMEGAPRO is that your money stays intact no matter what the economic fluctuation.
    The company bears the risk on your behalf.
    What other proof do you need?
    Jump on this guys, and you will NEVER regret it.

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  20. Olamide Oroale

    OMEGAPRO is a life changer. A farvariation from the different scams that have scavenged our people. God bless OMEGAPRO.

    1. Charles Nwolisa

      Indeed it is. Thank you for the comment and we hope your life is also been impacted through OmegaPro.

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