INEC: 12 PVC Related Questions and Answers

INEC started the online Continuous Voter’s Registration (CVR) for new registrants on the 28th of June 2021 and in July of same year, the physical registration was also commenced. It is presently ongoing and was stipulated to end on the 30th of June 2022.

Below are a few questions and answers for better understanding of the process.

1. Who is this current registration exercise for?

This exercise is for those who have never registered before and those who have recently turned 18 years (legal voting age) since the last exercise was conducted in 2018.

2. Can I register online?

3. Can I register again if I had already registered before?

NO. If you have registered before, you don’t need to register again because your data is already available on INEC’s database. Attempting to register again when your information is already in the commission’s database means “double or multiple registration” and the new registration will be invalid and no PVC will be issued to you.

4. What do I do if I have already registered again by error?

If you have registered before and re-registered recently, the new registration is invalid so you have to cancel the new registration and revalidate the old one. Click on the picture below, register with your email and begin the process.

5. I have registered before, how can I collect my PVC?

For those who registered before the 2019 General Elections and those who registered between June and December 2021, their PVCs are already printed and available for collection in any of the 774 Local Government Area offices of INEC. All they have to do is visit the INEC offices in their LGAs and collect theirs themselves. No PVCs are given out by proxy or can be collected for someone else. Click the picture below and search for where you can pick up your PVC.

6. I relocated to a new state or another location in the same state, how do I change my voting location?

7. I lost my PVC or my PVC is damaged or defaced, what do I do?

If you lost your PVC or it is damaged and you would like a replacement, click on the picture below, register with your email and request for a reissue.

8. I changed my name due to my marital status or intend changing some information, how do I go about it?

If you are a duly registered voter and you intend updating some information on your voter’s card. Click on the picture below, register with your email and begin the process.

9. Has my PVC expired?

PVCs issued by INEC do not expire because the data relating to each registered voter is domiciled in the BVAs.

10. What is the BVAs?

11. If I’m registering now or requesting for a new PVC, when will my PVC be available for collection?

Those registering now or revalidating their registrations now will have their PVCs ready before the end of the year. Bulk SMS and emails will be sent to each registrant to inform them of the availability of their PVCs as at when due.

12. Has voter’s registration been extended past June 30th 2022?

According to Section 19 of the Electoral Act 2022, INEC shall at the end of the Voter Registration exercise display for public scrutiny and for claims and objections a copy of the Voter’s Register in all 774 Local Government and all 8,809 Electoral Wards for a period of 7 days. After which the voter’s register will be cleaned up, double and multiple registrations removed and then make the PVCs ready for collection. This takes and the closer the deadline to elections, the less time the commission has to ensure the appropriate steps are taken.

Below is an interview of Mr. Festus Okoye, The INEC National Electoral Commissioner for information and Voter Education by BBC educating the voting public on everything PVC.

Below is another interview of Mr. Festus Okoye by TVC News on the the extension of voter registration deadline.


If you are not computer literate, we advice you visit the closest PVC registration center around you for assistance and ensure you leave with a print out of your Voter Identity Number (VIN) while your PVC will be ready before the end of the year for collection.


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